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An Exchange

KuBitX Exchange Shutdown

Dear KuBitan Over the last 18 months we have continued to work on how we can drive financial inclusion in Africa and other emerging markets. We exposed two main blockchain related products to the market to see how well they … Read More

KuBiX has partnered with Edmark International to onboard 500k users on the new KBX Wallet

It is now official that KuBitX has entered into a strategic partnership with one of its early stage investors Edmark International. We would love to thank all our customers, partners and team members for supporting us throughout our incubation stages … Read More

We are launching our KBX Wallet soon!

We are launching our all new KBX Wallet soon! We spent the last few months rebuilding the old app (KuBitX PROW) based on feedback from our testers. We are happy to announce that our new app called KBX Wallet is … Read More

Migrate your assets from KuBitX PROW to KBX Wallet

How To Migrate From KuBitX PROW to the New KBX Wallet Please take action and migrate your digital assets from KuBitX PROW to the new KBX Wallet. Follow the set of instructions below carefully. Migrating your old account. If you wish to use your … Read More

Announcing our new media partnership

Greetings KuBitan Once again we are delighted to announce that we have a new member in our group of partners. KuBitX welcomes our new media liaison company CryptoTv Plus, a one stop platform for crypto and blockchain news. We also take this opportunity … Read More

Stable coins – How blockchain is redefining micropayments and international remittances

The last 18 months has been a defining one for the blockchain and crypto space, the multi-year bear market has arguably gone a long way to strip the space of many overhyped “air promise” projects and unfortunately many underfunded quality … Read More

Our journey so far! Updates from 2019

We have come quite a long way. We have made significant strides in our journey and we just wish to share with you using this short video, We hope you like it. 2020 is going to be awesome and we … Read More