KuBitX digital
assets marketplace

KuBitX Exchange is an elegant, advanced, fast and secure digital asset trading platform designed for simplicity and accessibility.

Advanced Platform

It's fast, its cheap, its friendly and safe. KuBitX presents you with a set of products and features that make it what we call “Hybrid”. We welcome you to explore us.
KuBitX. Know it. Have it. Secure it.

Secured Payment

Multi firewall protection, secure cold storage, DDoS prevention and multi-factor authentication mechanisms ensures that your funds are in safe hands. No more safety nightmares.

Cheaper Fees

Tired of losing so much to transaction fees? We’ve got you covered. We just made it easy, cheaper for you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Try us and see for yourself.

KBX Payments Remittances & OTC Wallet (PROW)

KuBitX PROW boasts simple but effective implementations of blockchain technology to solve important problems in Africa and beyond. Problems that have plagued emerging economies such as the high cost of remittances, slow and complicated processes, over dependency on the USD, convoluted currency conversions and many more have now been solved on KuBitX PROW.

KuBitX PROW users will also get to earn passive income on every spending they or their referrals make, as well as enjoy discounted bills when they pay with KBX.

Download KuBitX PROW today from the Google Play Store.


On our learn page we have training materials that make it easy and fun to learn and get you up to speed.

Language Diversification

KuBitX is deliberate about ensuring that more people can interact with our platforms with ease.