Migrate your assets from KuBitX PROW to KBX Wallet

How To Migrate From KuBitX PROW to the New KBX Wallet

Please take action and migrate your digital assets from KuBitX PROW to the new KBX Wallet. Follow the set of instructions below carefully.

Migrating your old account.

If you wish to use your email address and username from your PROW account in your KBX wallet, simply initiate a password recovery process on the new KBX wallet .Once you’re in the app, you will need to verify your email and phone number to be able to use the wallet for transactions.

(please note you are still required to move your digital holdings manually through the steps provided below.)

Moving NGNX Stablecoin from KuBitX PROW to the KBX Wallet

PROW users are advised to please check their emails to learn how to migrate their NGNX to their KBX Wallet accounts

Moving Your KuBitcoins (KBX) or Stellar Lumens (XLM) From PROW TO KBX Wallet

If you still have KBX on your PROW account, please simply send your KBX from PROW to your KBX wallet.  Copy your new KBX wallet address and use it as the recipient address on PROW. No memo required. Please ensure to use your KBX Wallet public keys (about 52 characters) and not the user name. You can find this address by tapping on the icon at the top right of your app home screen.


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