Send money across Africa in seconds

With KuBitX's KBX Wallet, you can spend one currency in any part of Africa all powered by blockchain technology. You are financially empowered anywhere you are in the world. This is your ultimate financial passport. Our KBX Wallet is your alternative remittance solution of choice!

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You don't need to save up for so long to send value to loved ones across Africa, and beyond. We also handle micro remittances reliably!

Send money across in 3 simple steps. It's as simple as KBX!‚Äč

Download, register, complete KYC, and do the following 3 steps!


Deposit funds (purchase stable coin) using either your card, bank transfer or mobile money


Swap funds (stable coin) into another asset


Withdraw swapped asset to the bank or mobile money, or use it to make payments at supported merchant stores.

Easy onramp and offramp

Fund your wallet using bank transfer, card payments or mobile money. Withdraw to the bank or mobile money in seconds!

Fastest Settlements

Unlike bank transfers that can be sometimes problematic, transactions settle in less than 5 seconds and can be instantly verified by both sender and receiver.

KBX Wallet is the bridge between traditional finance and blockchain ecosystem. KuBitX is your alternate remittance solution provider of choice!

The Ultimate Gift Cards Shop

Buy any of our 100+ types of gift cards using any supported asset. Be it NGNX (Naira tether), XLM (Stellar Lumens), KBX (our native token) etc. We give you the most competitive rates. Anywhere

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Pay local and international bills from anywhere

For the first time, people can now pay local and international bills using any of the supported stable coins and digital assets in our ecosystem. The boundaries are broken - virtually. You can be in Kenya or the Philippines and pay a bill for your loved ones in Nigeria. You are now LIMITLESS.

Perpetual Passive Income

Earn loyalty tokens when you pay bills with our KuBitcoin (KBX) Share with a friend and earn commissions on every bill they pay going forward. Earn commission every time your referral buys KBX!

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Feature Rich. No bloat.

Every feature has been carefully designed to meet specific needs of our users.

Swift Collections

Collect contributions from your association members be it religious, social, commercial or political. It is super easy to do using your verified merchant addresses.


Earn monthly interest when you hold certain assets in a fixed vault for a defined period.

Over 2k+ bill types

Flights, utility, education, religious contribution, entertainment, airtime and data, internet subscriptions and much more. We have got you covered.

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Fast Support

Access our support channels for quick troubleshooting of your challenges

Lowest Fees

Send assets to other KBX Wallet users with no fees. Make numerous micro contributions without incurring those bank charges!

Multiple Wallets

Support for 3 major stable coins in Africa with more on the way! We also support Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar Lumens.

"I live in the Philippines. I was able to pay some electricity bills for an old friend in Nigeria using Stellar Lumens (XLM). I also sent her some Lumens which she withdrew to the bank in a matter of seconds!"
Chun Mao
Available on both the Appstore and Google Playstore